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B.B.Simon has a limited warranty on his belts.

This means, if a crystal comes off or the lacing breaks,  he will fix it. He will also fix the crystals the fall off the buckles. He now charges to fix all problems occurring on his products. Cowgirl Glitter is not responsible for any damage to the belt after it has left our facilities.  As with all belts manufacturers, no one will replace a belt if it is torn in half.  Barrel racing is no exception. Please understand if you are wearing your belt and it breaks in half..... it is not covered under a limited warranty.


No refunds on custom orders- this is a belt I do not have in stock that I have to order just for you, no returns and no exchanges without prior authorization. All stock orders will be shipped within 24 hours of payment and have a 3 day return period.  All custom orders are paid in advance.. No exceptions. Cowgirl Glitter is the supplier, not the manufacture of BB Simon belts, which means I am not in control of production.  Orders are placed within 24 hours of your credit card charge. An invoice will be mailed to you from Cowgirl Glitter.  If you see a mistake please call immediately.  Cowgirl Glitter is not responsible for delays on Simon's part or shipping mishaps due to UPS, FED-EX, DHL, or USPS.  If you change your mind on your order after it is in production, it is up to Cowgirl Glitter to accept a return depending on the belt. Your order will then go to the back of the list behind others who are waiting.  Currently, the wait time for a belt is 4-6 weeks, but this is just an estimate--which depends on the belt ordered.  Pls note this is not always the case. Sometimes belt arrive in 3 weeks, but sometimes problems can occur, i.e.: crystals are out of stock, leather is out of stock, an order may be misplaced, the shipment does not go out on time, buckles are not available, etc. Making a belt by hand takes times, coordination and a huge effort on BB Simon's part!!! Simon belts are well worth the wait and are an awesome piece of waist jewelry.

BB Simon Belts - NEW ARRIVALS!  Call Today.

Swarovski Crystals, Dynamic Designs. WOW!


Don't miss out on some of the most unique belts on the market today.  BB Simon has come up with some unusual designs that are totally different from Kippy.  By using a crystal buckle included in the price, Simon is a very affordable belt


  Scroll Down for BB Simon Products! 

All belts on sale are belts in stock only.  Special orders are not include. All orders will be Cowgirl Glitter's regular price + bb's special order fee of $20.00.  This is not my fee but BB Simon's fee.  I would never ever charge a fee to place an order!

How to measure for your BB Simon belt

Take a belt you already wear, use a measuring tape, then start at the fold of the leather (that wraps around the bar of the buckle) to the hole where it is worn the most.  If you are measuring a new belt, measure it to the middle hole.  SMALL=28, MEDIUM=30, LARGE=32, XLARGE=34, XXLARGE=36, etc.  Be sure to call if you have trouble as there are no returns on custom orders.

Please note:  By ordering a product from Cowgirl Glitter, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Carol works hard to make you happy and will do her best to get your product out to you one time. Thanks for your patience. ;) It is greatly appreciated.

BB Simon now charges me a $20.00 special order fee. If you are ordering a belt that is not in stock or over size 38 an extra charge does apply. He charges an extra $15.00 for every inch after 38 inches.  So for example if you ordered a belt in a 46 it would cost an extra 20.00 for the 'special', and then +15.00 for every size there after.... for a total of +$140.00 on top of the price posted on this website.  I know this sounds crazy, but BB Simon is the one making all the money!








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