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Cowgirl Glitter™ is one of the

Largest suppliers of Kippy's belts! 

Carol has extensive product knowledge and can help you with your  questions.  She has been selling Kippy clothing and belts for over 12 years. 

Orders can take as little as 3 weeks but may take up to 12 weeks depending on the availability of the leather, crystals or buckles.   Before you purchase your belts from another dealer, please contact Cowgirl Glitter™ for a price or design to fit your wallet.


Carol works hard to make customers happy and will do her best to get the products delivered on time.

Thank you for your patience. ;)

It is greatly appreciated.


Kippy Belts


Design your Kippy Belt

DESIGN YOUR OWN BELT! Kippy has a lifetime warranty on belts, jackets, hatbands.. the works!  Call Today.

How to design your Kippy Belt!   Lets find out how!

Kippy Handbags/Purses

**Prices subject to change without notice.

Kippy Handbags/Purses.  If you own a belt, then you just have to have a handbag! Kippy has awesome designs available, if you don't see what you are looking for then cut and paste a picture to me, and I will get a price for you.   Most handbags are custom ordered and are not in stock.

Kippy Jackets Very exclusive and gorgeous Kippy Jackets new for 2014!
Kippy Denim Jeans

Kippy Jeans are available in two styles. There are the LOW cut jeans, and the above the hip-below the belly button, but not waist high. I wear the med high style. They are stretch jeans and have about a 34 inseam.

Kippy Misc

In that wonderful Kippy style we also have some gorgeous hat bands, iPad Covers and will be adding more!

Kippy Crystal Shirts Kippy's Crystal Shirts!   These shirts have been around for a long time. Yet, they are still popular and now we are creating new ideas.

Cowgirl Glitter™
Dickinson, Texas

To Place an Order, Call or email your questions to




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