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How to measure for your Kippy belt

1) Take a belt you already own

2) Turn it over to the inside bare leather

3) Place it on a flat surface

4) Place your measuring tape on the fold of the leather (where it wraps around the bar of the buckle)

5) Continue with the tape measure to the middle hole or the hole where it is worn the most.


"Fold to the hole!"


If you are adding a trophy buckle to this belt, the measuring system is the same.

Cowgirl Glitter is one of the largest suppliers of Kippy's belts! Carol has extensive product knowledge and can help you with your questions. She has been selling Kippy clothing and belts for over 10 years. Orders can take as little as 3 weeks but may take up to 12 weeks depending on the availability of the leather, crystals or buckles.

Before you purchase your belts from another dealer, please contact Cowgirl Glitter for a price or design to fit your wallet.


Kippy's has a lifetime warranty on all his belts. This means is a crystal comes off or the lacing breaks- he will fix it. He will also fix the crystals that fall off the buckles. Cowgirl Glitter is not responsible for any damage to the belt after delivery. As with all belt manufactures, no one will replace a belt if it is torn in half. Barrel racing is no exception. Please understand if you are wearing your belt and it breaks in half, it is not covered by any belt manufacture.






Cowgirl Glitter™
Dickinson, Texas

To Place an Order, Call or email your questions to



Cowgirl Glitter™
Dickinson, Texas
In Houston area Call 281-534-9879
To Place an Order Call 800-256-8391


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